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Coymmission Prices

If you’re interested in commissioning me you can contact me on any of my social media links or email me at

Page doll- $20

  • Minimal shading

  • Clothes and simple props are free

  • Standing or floating poses only

  • Single characters only

Chibi - $40

  • Simple shading

  • Clothes and simple props are free

  • Extra characters are $30 each

Round Icon - $40

  • Simple background

  • comes with uncropped bust version

  • Linking icons are $70

Fullbody - $60

  • Simple shading

  • Clothes and simple props are free

  • Extra characters are $60 each

Terms of Service


  • Payment is upfront via PayPal or Stripe invoice. Full payment is required up-front within 24 hours.

  • I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission at any time. If I cancel your commission you will receive a full refund.

  • For all commissions I will send out a first sketch. This is when edits or adjustments should be made. Once the first sketch is accepted & approved, I will no longer give a refund.

  • I will edit any artwork 24 hours after completion. Minor edits are free of charge while major edits/changes are $5 per an edit.


  • If for any reason you want to stop the commission and get a refund, contact me. If applicable, I will refund you as soon as possible. Please note, I will not refund a commission once the first sketch has been approved.

  • Refunds will not be distributed for completed commissions under any circumstances.

  • If sent a chargeback, I will turn the commission into a base to make up for lost funds. The user who sent a chargeback will be blocked and blacklisted. If multiple people are involved, all will be blocked and blacklisted.


  • As the artist, I hold the full copyright of the artwork that is produced. Commissioned work should only be used by myself and the commissioner.

  • Nothing created by myself may be used in any blockchain-related technology. Including NFTs & cryptocurrency.

  • The commissioner may use the art in whatever way they please, so long as they do not take credit for the artwork itself, redistribute the artwork, alter the artwork in any way, or sell the artwork for monetary gain. The commissioner may repost my art as long as credit is given.

  • I have the right to display any commissioned artwork on galleries, portfolios, art books, as price samples, or on any of my accounts.